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Foshan tiles export office (China)

Ceramic tiles displays for wholesalers and retailers

Diagonal-pushed tiles racks examples

product: 45°tilted  pull  shelf  (10  layers)
model: GEO-LZ-A28
displaying  board  standard:1210mm×1210mm
size of displaying  board:long2520mm×deep1100mm×hight2350mm

product: Top-page-turning and bottom-double-row straight pull shelf
displaying  board  standard:810mm×810mm/610mm×610mm
size of displaying board:long2800mm×deep980mm×height2400mm

product :top  page-turning  and  bottom  tilted-pull  shelf
displaying  board  standard:610mm×1210mm/810mm×810mm
size  of  displaying  board:long1880mm×deep960mm×height2450m

product:  Top-page-turning  and  bottom-double-row straight pull shel
model: GEO-LZ-A23
displaying  board  standard:  610mm×1210mm/810mm×810mm
size of displaying board:long2680mm×deep980mm×height2600mm

Page-turned tiles rack example

product: 90°page-turning  cabinet  (6  plates)
displaying  board  standard:1010mm×2010mm
size  of  displaying  board:long2800mm×deep820mm×height2380mm

Screen type tile rack example

product:  Double-sided  screen  exhibition  shelf  (3  plates)
model: GEO-LZ-C9
displaying  board  standard:1010mm×2200mm
size  of  displaying  board:long2420mm×deep1050mm×height2400mm

product: Ox horn double-sided screen
model: GEO-LZ-C11
displaying  board standard: 1010×2010mm
size of displaying board: long1090mm×deep400mm×height2400mm

Mini-pages tunes cabinet tiles rack example

product: 180°mini-sized exhibition shelf
model: GEO-LZ-D50
displaying  board  standard:  layers  1:300mm×300mm
layers  2/3/4:400mm×400mm
size of displaying board: long1660mm×deep860mm×height2400mm

Diagonal outlet tiles rack cabinet example

product: Double-sided  hanging  straight  cabinet  (8  pages)
model: GEO-LZ-E34
displaying  board  standard:1010mm×2010mm
size of displaying board: long2070mm×deep880mm×height2340mm

Small tile display example

product:  Raises  woodenly  inserts  the  frame
model: GEO-LZ-F52

Portable tiles display board example

product  name:  Single-row  portable  board  shelf  (10  layers)
model: GEO-LZ-H3
displaying  board  standard:400mm×800mm

Other export information

Materials: iron frame + wooden board + velour

Surface treatment: painting or plastic spray painting

OEM service available.

If any interest consult us about our complete range of displays

China export ceramic tiles

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