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Classic mat glazed ceramic floor tiles 300x300mm

Semi vitrified ceramic tiles Also named as "Stoneware Tile", a kind of Anti-slip Ceramic Tile made by super-pottery clays with mat-glazed surface in classical pattern designs which bring in a reminiscent mood in house decoration. With low water absorption (3%~10%) and its' wearable characters, it could be for all residential uses including kitchens, halls, corridors, balconies and terraces with normal foot traffic.

Classic collection 300x300mm Bumpy - 35 models

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Classic 300×300mm floor tiles continued
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tile classification group 3Group 3. Mat glazed semi vitrified tiles. Ceramic floor tile classification
Also suitable for wall decoration these floor tiles are recommended for all residential installations with normal foot traffic.

For any request mention please the collection name "Classic", the size and the model reference

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