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We are a Guangxi province, Guangdong and Foshan City area floor porcelain tiles, floor and wall ceramic tiles, glass mosaic tiles and other tiles types direct exporter. We choose and export with additional services a complete range of tiles from our selected factories network.

May we introduce us with some reasons why we enjoy the confidence of worldwide customers:

We supply tiles towards Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe; feel free to ask for some references.

We welcome all our present partners and our new customers in this field to visit our products pages and send enquiries which will be follow up once personally by our export manager.

Geoffering China tiles Web catalogue

All sizes below are in cm

Ceramic wall / floor tiles - Semi vitrified wall / floor tiles

Glazed wall tile collection

Ceramic body tiles for living areas of homes but with the exception of kitchens, entrances and other rooms which may have a high foot traffic. (Group 2)

Glazed wall tile collection
Pure color glazed 150x150 & 200x200
Glazed 200x300 (160 models)
Glazed 250x400 (115 models)
Glazed 300x450 (12 models)
Glazed 300x600 (12 models)
Glazed floor tile collection for indoor decoration including bathroom, also suitable for walls.
Glazed 300x300
Glazed 400x400
Glazed 450x450
Glazed wall & floor tile sets
300x300 + 300x450 + 300x600 + baseboards + ceramic decoration tile sets
Ceramic tile borders, glazed borders and floor decorations

Classic floor tile collection, also suitable for wall decoration.

Ceramic tiles for all residential uses including kitchens, halls, corridors, balconies and terraces are recommended for all residential installations with normal foot traffic. (Group 3)

Classic 30x30 (90 models)
Classic 33.3x33.3 (107 models)
Classic 40x40 (33 models)
Classic 50x50 (15 models)
Classic 60x60 Bumpy
Classic 60x60 Plain
Classic 60x60 Wood
Step tile sets

Stoneware body wall / floor tiles

3D Rustic tile collection

Stoneware 3D Rustic tile is made in Mat-glazed treatment, which enable the tile easily to be cleaned up and maintained by water wash directly. It is regarded as a green building materials in our daily life due to it characters of flame retardant and non-corrosive. (Group3~4)

3D Rustic tiles
Including 3 series: Facade tiles / Floor tiles / Wooden Strip tiles

Homogenous floor tile collection

Ceramic tiles for all residential installations and light to medium commercial applications such as offices and sales rooms. (Group 4)

Homogenous plain surface
full body 300x300 shinny or matte dots surface
full body 400x400, 500x500 and 600x600 shiny dots surface
Homogenous bumpy surface
full body 300x300 shiny bumpy anti-slip floor tiles designs models

Fully vitrified porcelain wall and floor tiles

Porcelain tiles for all residential installations and suited for light to medium commercial applications such as offices and sales rooms, including for heavy commercial traffic areas such as exterior areas, shopping centers, airports, hotel lobbies, public walkways. (Group 4~5)

Polished porcelain texture floor tile

Polished porcelain floor tiles collection
Including 8 series tiles which in different processes and effects.
Porcelain floor medallion
Water-jet cutting wear-resistant fully vitrified full body polished porcelain floor medallion in Square or rectangle designs for central floor decor in public area.
Porcelain borders and decorations

Unpolished porcelain floor tiles

Mat-glazed porcelain
unpolished porcelain 600x600mm and customized 300x600mm
Metallic glazed porcelainNEW!
Unpolished porcelain tile 600x600mm or customized 300x600mm
3D Rustic Collection
Unpolished porcelain 3D Rustic floor tiles 600x600mm
Unrectified rustic stone collectionNEW!
full body porcelain tiles with special functions of slip resistance and abrasion resistance, unique texture, rustic style and classical colors. Widly used indoor or outdoor, whatever in a small area or a public big area.
Rustic Stone collections
Black Antique Stone - Antique Brick Bluestone - Metal Glazed Stone - Sand Stone - Seaweed Stone - Slate Stone. 7 different collections of full body - through-body porcelain floor tile mosaics 30x60, 60x60, 80x80, 60x90 and upon request customized 30x30, 40x40, 10x30,15x30...
Rustic Stone Mosaic
Full body - through-body porcelain mosaic
Rustic Stone borders & floor decorations

Composited Tile

Micro crystal tile
Also named as "Crystallized Ceramic Composite Tile" which is compound with Micro-Crystallized glass layer and porcelain body through firing in high temperature.

Other tile types and associate products

Quartz stone New
natural quartz-based engineered stone combined by 90% crushed quartz and high-quality polymer resins and pigments. Through a high technique of intense vibration in vacuum state, the mixed materials are pressed into dense, non-porous slabs with precise thickness.
Glass mosaic tiles New models
15 series of glass tile, over 700 models, shapes and colors with our 2011 new collection for indoor and outdoor household and commercial decoration including bathrooms, kitchens, art frescoes, swimming pools, fountains, gardens ...
Swimming pool ceramic and porcelain tiles
Facade vitrified tiles
Anti-frost porcelain stone imitation exterior wall tile suitable for facade, wall and floor, indoor or outdoor uses.
Hollow glass bricks
62 models clear or colored with 7 different sizes
Clay roofing tile New
Japanese style, Spanish style and American style clay roof tiles

Tiling tools and products for tiles sellers

Cement glue and joints mortar for tiling
Professional ceramic tile cutting machines
and laser guided wet tile saw, tile portable saw and handheld tile saw
Ceramic tile displays for wholesalers and retailers

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