China natural rock texture polished porcelain floor tiles

Penetrated collection 600x600mm

Penetrated collection    

tile classification group 4Group 4.  Fully vitrified polished porcelain tiles.    Tiles classification
Range of Application: suitable for using in medium foot traffic area like residential houses, shops, showroom room etc..

Penetrated Porcelain tile is a kind of everlasting tile collection in natural rock texture, marble design, with beige or cream color base, also named as "Soluble Salt Tile".

  1. * For any request mention the collection name "Penetrated", the reference of the model and the size.
  2. * All models are available in original size 600x600mm, cutting size for 100x600mm, 150x600mm(baseboard), 200x600mm, 300x600mm could be available with cutting charges.