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China Geoffering floor and wall ceramic tile sets

Lugano 300x600mm, 70x300mm, 60x300mm and 300x300mm

Lugano floor and wall ceramic tile sets

Lugano 300x450mm, 80x300mm, 60x300mm and 300x300mm


Lugano ceramic tile sets 300x600mm and 300x300mm

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Anti-crack: longer life for use in moist and cold areas.
Unfading colors: stands for different climates, different situation and good for private use or project.
With engobe base: more convenient for tiling
Glazed floor and wall tiles with glossy or matt. surface, mostly use in bathroom, kitchen and indoor decoration
Class 3. Semi-vitrified glazed tile in ceramic body. Floor tile classification

For any request mention please the collection name Lugano and the reference of the models printed on photos

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